YesiFood is a young company with a closely-knit staff who work professionally and passionately on a daily basis to produce and market protein-free bakery products for people who need to limit their protein intake. This commitment has already reaped its first rewards by winning first prize in the prestigious eCapital awards.

“Focaccina rolls, sliced white bread and Rosetta rolls are the first major successes of the research and development programme conducted in cooperation with the School of Food and Nutritional Science in Cork,” explains Emanuele Zannini, coordinator and technical manager of the project – “and they represent just a taster of the future range of YesiFood products dedicated to people affected with kidney
disease, coeliac disease and metabolic diseases (PKU) who do not, however, want to give up the pleasure of eating”

Unlike most protein-free foods on the market nowadays, YesiFood products are the result of careful selection of natural ingredients.

This means:
no preservatives and no additives to prolong their shelf-life: often protein-free products sold on the market rely on extra sugar and fats to mask the taste of such additives.
Only gluten-free wheat starch which will soon be produced directly by the YesiFood farm.

That’s the secret of how YesiFood can get protein-free bakery products with the typical taste and aroma of freshly-baked bread!